The Stigma Behind Network Marketing

February 14, 2021

Michael Carrington is an entrepreneur, international consultant, and founder of Tier 1 Credit Mastery. With over 13 years of business operations experience he has since decided to leverage his corporate finance and MBA experience to help others achieve wealth and financial abundance.

Michael is passionate about entrepreneurship - he mentors and shows individuals how to earn a lucrative income with online entrepreneurship.

The Real Big Stigma Behind Network Marketing

People that don’t understand Network Marketing and still criticize it don’t matter. They will almost certainly stay in the outfield and never try to reach their full potential.

You are one that matters…

There is a long list of dogmas that surround the Network Marketing profession:

  • “It is a pyramid scheme.”
  • “The only people that make money are the ones on the top”
  • “You have to be a salesman.”

These stereotypes have little influence on Network Marketing veterans with established careers and steady incomes. However, they can be fatal to a new recruit. Thought of doubt and loss of self-worth plague a new recruits mind. As team leaders, it is our responsibility to help our new recruits develop a mindset to overcome struggles.

Success Is Different For Everyone

Just because you want a private jet and an island home does not mean that it’s what a new recruit desires. They may want to add $500 to their bank account every month. Or they may want to send their children to a private school.

The most important thing to remember is that success is relative.

After a person expresses interest in your opportunity, ask them what success means to them. If they want a mansion and a Bentley that is perfectly acceptable. However, if they have lower expectations that’s their right.  Your job, as a team leader, is to meet them where they are and help them understand how Network Marketing can get them to where they want to be.

Tell Your Story - Even If It Is Not Perfect

When people first become part of Network Marketing they have no track record. They are unsure of their capabilities and they certainly don’t know if they can build a team. They don’t have any success to brag about and no social proof to share.

So how do you get them over this obstacle?

Loan your story to each and every new recruit and show them it is acceptable to struggle. This is going to require you to be 100% honest and vulnerable. I know it can be uncomfortable sharing your struggles with a person that signed up with your company a few days before, but it is a necessary evil.

Which story do you think is more powerful?

Person (A) joins a Network Marketing company and has a natural gift for building a team and sales. He doubles the size of his downline in the first 3 months and receives his first $5000 bonus check days later. He is literally an enigma.


Person (B) joins a Network Marketing company and has a tough time getting going. She is an introvert, every time she tries to talk to someone she freezes. But, over time she develops her communication skills and gets better at presenting her opportunity. She finds her first recruit after 3 months of trying and then runs into another problem.  She does not have enough time to schedule meetings and get her kids to soccer practice. But again she comes through and starts recruiting people into groups.  It takes her 3 years but in that time she builds a strong foundation of recruits and they duplicate on their own each month.  Although she is not a millionaire she generates enough income to take her family on vacation every year and pay for part of her children’s education. Person B is fulfilled and proud of herself.

Now, which story do you think relates to the majority of people?

Live Trainings

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You do NOT need a miracle story. You do NOT need to be a millionaire.  But you do need to relate to people. If this requires you to tell real your story, do so.

Commit To Learn Before You Expect To Earn

So many people get involved in Network Marketing thinking they are going to be able to make millions without developing themselves.

Almost no one creates wealth without investing.

In Network Marketing the most valuable asset is you. The most productive tool is your mind and the desired effect is your lifestyle. Now, if you are well vexed in social media, recruiting, objections, inviting, game planning, duplication, and confidence, then you may not need to develop your skills before expecting a large income.

However, if you still have learning to do.  If you could get better than you are today, you should make a commitment to stay consistent with skills-based training. In many ways, learning to tell your story is one of the most important strategies in Network Marketing. Not only does it make you relatable, but it prepares your prospect for the challenges ahead.

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