United Wealth Education: What You Need to Know

March 17, 2022

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United Wealth Education: What You Need to Know

Financial Education Services (FES) has been rebranded to United Wealth Education. In this article you will learn what that means and how it affects the services offered.

This detailed report on United Wealth Education® (UWE) will serve as your ultimate guide if you are doing research on this company. You may be a consumer investigating the services offered by UWE. Another possibility is that you are considering referring clients to UWE. Or you are contemplating a career with United Wealth Education as an Independent Agent.

Company Details

United Wealth Education
37735 Enterprise Ct., Ste 600
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
Phone- 248-848-9065

Parimal Naik – Founder and CEO LinkedIn Profile

Mike Toloff – Founder and President

Chet Seely – Vice President Organizational Growth and Development LinkedIn Profile

Company History

The company was originally founded in 2004 as VR Tech and was later changed to Financial Education Services®. The company name changed again in August of 2021 to United Wealth Education® to better reflect the future direction of the company and the scope of services offered. Financial Education Services® maintained an A- Rating with the Better Business Bureau at the time of the name change.

The core service package offered is called the Protection Plan Membership® (see below) which is delivered via a strategic alliance with United Credit Education Services® also located in Farmington Hills, MI. UWE also offers services under its own name (more below).

United Wealth Education® Mission Statement (from the company website)

With a focus on consumer education and providing a unique and personalized experience, we strive to eliminate the burden of financial uncertainty while creating a plan of action and peace of mind for the future.

Services Offered by United Wealth Education


Credit My Rent® is a unique program to assist consumers that rent a home, condo, or apartment. Typically landlords only report payment activity to the credit bureaus when the renter is delinquent on a payment. Credit My Rent will begin reporting on-time monthly rent payments to Equifax and Transunion. A feature allows for reporting the last 12 months and up to the last 24 months of rent payments. This feature is used when consumers are looking for the highest increase in credit score quickly.


For reporting rent payments beginning in the current month - $9.95 per month
To include 12 months of past rent payments - $99 activation fee plus $9.95 per month for future payments.
To include 24 months of past rent payments - $149 activation fee plus $9.95 per month for future payments.

Learn more about Credit My Rent®


Credit scoring relies heavily on the responsible use of credit. Therefore, consumers without credit cards have a difficult time building a good credit score. UWE offers the First Progress Platinum MasterCard® Secured Credit Card. This is a full-feature Platinum MasterCard with a credit line based on a security deposit rather than on a credit score.

To learn more about the First Progress Platinum MasterCard®


My Care Plan® is a full estate plan that includes a last will, living trust, healthcare power of attorney, and financial power of attorney. Over 90% of consumers do not have these vital documents for their families. The main reason for this perhaps is the high cost of estate attorneys.


To learn more about My Care Plan®

Services Marketed by UWE Agents and Delivered by United Credit Education Services (UCES)


The Protection Plan is a suite of 12 services that each client receives. These services focus on improving, monitoring, and protecting a consumer's credit scores and helping them manage and grow their overall financial position.


Clients pay a $99 account activation fee along with their first monthly payment of $89 for a total of $188 to start. For the next 3 months, payments are $89. Then in the 4th month, the payment is lowered to $69. If clients that want to benefit from these services long-term see their payment reduced to $49/month after 1 year.

Learn about the individual services that are included in the Protection Plan Membership

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The United Wealth Education® Business Opportunity

Individuals can become Independent Agents (Agent) for United Wealth Education and offer the services listed above to the public in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Agents are considered independent contractors for income and tax purposes. There are no geographical boundaries or territories given to each Agent. Agents are provided with websites, technology, marketing materials, staff support, and a robust online business office to track their business.

Agents are free to market and sell any of the services offered by UWE and UCES. However, the company maintains strict compliance guidelines for sales and marketing that adhere to state and federal regulations.

Agents are paid commissions on each sale. On specific services sold Agents also may be paid monthly residual income. In addition, Agents may also expand their business by sharing the opportunity with others. This creates further bonuses and overrides. (See Average Incomes Below)

Many UWE Agents work their business on a part-time basis. Some UWE Agents maintain another business in a related field such as real estate, mortgage, solar, or the automobile industry. They offer services from UWE and UCES to help prospective clients qualify for financing to purchase assets and products from their core business.

UWE Agents may also develop relationships with people in related industries as described above for the purpose of receiving client referrals.

Income Opportunity with UWE

According to the company’s Income Disclosure, Agents that on average have been with UWE less than 1 year earn an average annual income of $4,963 with the top income category being over $59,000. This reflects the fact that many work with UWE on a part-time basis and that it takes time to develop the business.

For those Agents that have been active with UWE for longer than 12 months on average, the average income jumps to $407,185. This includes Agents that have been with the company for many years. The lowest average income in this category is $102,353. This demonstrates that a career with UWE can be lucrative but requires a consistent, long-term effort and achievement of specific qualifications for higher income. As with any business startup, there is a significant ramp up period in order to start earning higher income amounts.

Income Disclosure

*Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual agent’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and other factors.

Income Disclosure Statement

United Wealth Education Income Disclosure Statement
(January 2021 - December 2021)

Income Disclosure Statement for January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

The Income Disclosure Statement is a reflection of United Wealth Education' ("UWE") rewarding opportunity and represents the average global earnings of the ranks of UWE Agents.

The income statistics above are for all active UWE Agent who were enrolled during the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. An "Active Agent" is defined as any person who: (1) executed a UWE Agent Agreement; (2) has sponsored at least one person; and (3) has received at least one commission from downline productivity.

The earnings of the Agents in this chart are not guarantees of the income, if any, that a UWE Agent can or will earn through his or her participation in the UWE Compensation Plan. The average Agent invests between $100.00 and $2,500.00 in expenses as they build their business.

Note that it takes hard work to make substantial income in this business and some Agents make no money at all. Success in this business requires leadership, hard work and dedication, just like anything you do in life.

During 2021, approximately 70% of individuals who executed a UWE Agent Agreement are considered inactive.

Click here to access a PDF copy of the Income Disclosure Statement ("IDS"). Visit the UWE Compliance site for the latest compliance updates.

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