Master Your Mindset

February 13, 2021

Michael Carrington is an entrepreneur, international consultant, and founder of Tier 1 Credit Mastery. With over 13 years of business operations experience he has since decided to leverage his corporate finance and MBA experience to help others achieve wealth and financial abundance.

Michael is passionate about entrepreneurship - he mentors and shows individuals how to earn a lucrative income with online entrepreneurship.

Master Your Mindset

As I coach and mentor some of the top earners in the Network Marketing profession, guess what the number one thing is that’s holding them back from their potential? It’s not the skills! They know how to get customers. They know how to recruit somebody. They know how to get them started.

Beware! There Could Be a Lid Preventing Your From Reaching Your Potential

There’s a cap that blocks their growth, and it has to do with that thing between their ears that causes them to play small. It causes them to sabotage their businesses and hide when they should be showing their light to the world. It causes them to do all kinds of things that are not serving them.

Make Sure Your Mindset Is Serving You

Here’s the thing. You’ve got access to everything you need to have massive impact on your results. This tool is the internal programming that can hardwire you for success – but you may need to rewrite some bad programming.

This programming starts before we even learn to speak. Our parents set boundaries and consequences for us. When we start school we enter a similar structure. By the time we graduate, we’ve been programmed to do as we’re told. Follow the rules. Just fit in. Do what normal people do.

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Is there something in you that's putting a lid on your potential?

The first thing you need to do if you want to fix any negative programming is isolate the things that are holding you back. Maybe you’ve have been told (directly or indirectly) that because of your gender, heritage, life experiences, or whatever else that there’s really not much that’s expected of you.

Please understand that you do not have to accept this. Not for a single moment. I remember reading a quote from physicist Richard Feynman that I really loved. He said, “You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish.”

Now, he actually came to this conclusion as a result of people having these huge expectations of him following a lot of success he achieved. But it’s a powerful statement to me because it just underscores the fact that other people’s beliefs don’t have to influence your accomplishments. You don’t have to let the expectations that other people set for you limit your success.

You are under no obligation to live the life that someone else expects of you

Once you’ve isolated the negative patterns of behavior that result from bad programming, what do you do? Rewrite it! Decide that you won’t allow past outcomes to limit future behavior. Decide that you will be the one to determine what you will accomplish and the success you will achieve. Decide – and then make it happen.

Start out by asking yourself where you could go if you thought more of yourself. Where could you go if you stepped into your true potential? Most of you have been living at a tiny fraction of your potential, and you know it and this disconnect in your heart has been bothering you for a long time.

I understand that pain – I’ve been through it. What we DO inside of Network Marketing pro is help you close that gap between where you are and where your potential is.

Learn to think differently!

You’re going to need to undergo a complete rewiring in your brain. You already have the power. You already have the capability. You already have the capacity. It’s just about stepping into it.

Here’s an example of how this goes. I travel all over the world to train people, and I’ve noticed something interesting about the word “work.” When you hear that word what comes to mind? Hard, pain, obligation, drudgery, TGIF, something to get away from, tiring…many of you have been programmed to see “work” this way. That’s an “employee” mindset, and it’s something you want to get away from!

Entrepreneurs don’t think of “work” that way! For us, work is passion, legacy, building something, improving lives, creating something. So here’s the tricky thing…a lot of people come into entrepreneurship with an employee mindset. They’re excited that no one’s telling them what to do and that there are no consequences if they take a ton of time off. So that’s what they do!

Change your thoughts and actions

It may take some concerted effort at first, but start shifting the way you think. If you catch yourself thinking something that shows signs of bad programming, overwrite it right then and there. Take action steps that back it up.

So if you’re dreading some of your business related tasks, reframe them from an entrepreneur mindset. It’s not a boring thing you’re dreading, no – it’s a challenge that you’re going to crush! By smashing this task, you’re going to be one step closer to improving your life and the lives of all those around you!

Next, help your team to do the same! When they’re exhibiting signs of bad programming, call them out on it. Talk them through how to improve their mindset. Every one of you has the ability to transform your business and your life. You have exactly what you need – and it’s right there between your ears.

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